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Safieh Moghaddam

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Lec 5: continuation of last lecture July-17-13 M/C , short answers, fill-in-the blanks 7:12 PM Ditransitive verbs - V NP1 (Inverted IO) NP2 (DO) Verbs with obj complement - V NP1 (DO) NP2 (obj complement) She called him a taxi. IO DO Inverted IO: She called a taxi for him. DO IO Syntactic and morphological evidence (for nouns): - Syntactic ○ Grammatical relations  Subject  DO  IO  Subj Comp  Obj comp ○ Structure  Determiner - Morphological (form) ○ Noun inflection ○ -s (plural suffix) ○ Noun-making affixes ○ 's (posessive s) Different between Gerund vs. Present participle - - (v-ing) - Gerunds function as nouns = verbal nouns ○ e.g. walking is a good exercise - Gerund have grammatical relations ○ Walking = subject ○ Verb in subject position = GERUND - e.g. I hate walking. ○ Walking is direct object = noun = GERUND - Present participles are the main verbs ○ e.g. She was walking too fast. ○ Walking = main verb = PRES. PARTICIPLE ; non-finite ○ Was = aux ○ Past progressive (was + ___ing) ○ Time + aspect = tense - She was boring her teacher. ○ Her teacher = DO ○ Boring = main verb ○ Was = auxiliary - She was (can insert: intensifier = very) boring. ○ Boring is adj  Present participle functioning as an adjective ○ Was = main verb here (to be) Lecture: continue from adjective phrases… - adjP can have 2 diff structures ○ Proceeded by intensifier ○ Followed by diff complements adjP [Intensifier + adj] [adj + complements (pp, clause, ..etc)] - PP = Prep + NP - Sentence = complete thought (subj and pred) Lectures Page 1 - Sent
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