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LECTURE April 6th, 2011
40% weighed to the first semester; 60% weighed to the second semester
Nasal place assimilation
-When have consonant, see assimilation
-See cases where vowel occur, ex Ottawa, Edmonton
Turkish order
-Obstruent devoicing
-Voicing assimilation
-Correct order is OD then VA
Lango two rules total assimilation and voicing assimilation
-Rule ordering not crucial
Lardil -Seems like when have two vowels in sequence, one is deleted
-Seems that elsewhere = underlying
-VV disrupted by a deletion of one V or insertion of [w]
-Sequence of two nasals one is deleted
- -u, -I, are underlying forms and included in / / because there are more of them
and they are easier to account for in the rule
[+constricted glottis]
Dutch-L, m, n, r sonorants when get complete version of tye with epenthesis of e
-When do not get schwa, is the toy example
oNeed another feature to distinguish btw first group from y, which is also
o[+consonant, +sonorant]
oWhen have sequence of ss, kk, rr, nn, etc. all gone
oPattern with sonorants just y that doesnt pattern
Rounded & high on slide 22 there was typo*****
Might need to know implosives, ejectives, etc.
Korean-P and t becomes w and r respectively
-This is lenition, or weakening
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