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Lecture 10

MUS110H1 Lecture 10: MUS110 Lecture 10

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Patrick Nickleson

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Music and visual arts The presentation of bands • Intentionally presentation as a quartet o The Beatles, SPLHCB o Album cover o Conceptualization and visual thought as the how to album is heard and received Tschaik and Karajan • The golden banner • Presentation of the music with conductor on album • The orchestra: how have we learned to NOT “see” this? o Just producing the music, not important 1. Music can add to any visual: changing its meaning, holding disparate shots together in a shot or scene 2. Visuals can be added to music, re-contextualizing how it might be understood, misdirecting our attention Symphony: don’t want to be noticed. Drake: wants to be noticed. Elvis Presley: “Don’t be Cruel” on Ed Sullivan show, Jan. 1957 • Obscene hip movements Music in film • 1890s o First silent films • 1927 o First “Talkie” o The Jazz Singer • 1930s o Film scoring o Diegetic music in fashion • 1934 st o 1 Oscar for Best Original Score • 1935-1955 o Hollywood’s Golden Age • 1942 o Max Steiner’s score to Casablanca o “As Time Goes By” FINAL EXAM STUFF Film music falls into 2 categories: • Diegetic music: music contained within the action • Underscoring: background music amplifying the mood of the scene and or explicating dramatic developments and aspects of character o Laugh track • Note ppt Notable Film Composers • Max Steiner, Aaron Copland, John Williams, Hans Zimmer Classic Hollywood: Casablanca (1942) • Political undertones • Clearing of the room after the national anthem duel • Immediate intro of brass after villain stands up • Characterization through music • Filling the space while someone is talking Casablanca second scene • “As Time Goes By” • Sam told never to play it o Ominous sound after • Reappearance of song representing two character’s romance • Music makes the scene functionally work
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