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Lecture 1 1/10/2013 7:28:00 AM  Media as extension of self/ medium is the message – McLuhan  Sender receiver message medium  Technical objects reshaping human relations – Baudrillard  Shift from content of medium to effect on people  Light bulb expands relationship to environment, determine day  Media determine situation – Kittler  Constrain experience  World as system, network, archive, storage system of info  Relations across time and space  Structured relationships across human history  Tupac hologram and Pepper’s Ghost  Extension and mediation  boundary of biological and technological  Castrati – prepubescent male singers who get sex organs removed for high voice  Eunuchoid features, 16-18CE Europe  Body as tool (techne), designed/recalibrated/tweaked  Related to social practices of music and perf  Biology and tech boundaries  Instruments as technology? Voice and body  Boundary of natural and tech  What is mediated/extended/enhanced in castrato voice  Tech and ethnomusicology – study of music in culture  Tech: fully cultural progress, social meaning, not just things but how they’re used and conceived  Ethnomusicology-recording tech  Edison phonograph 1877  Bartok recording Czech peasants 1908  Technoculture  Communities and cultural practice emerge through changing media and IT, characterized by adaptation/avoidance/subversion  Bob Dylan at Newport 1965 – bring electric guitar, people out
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