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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Prof.William Bowen

Lec 9 [5/6/13] Review frm #7 CREATORS and PERFORMERS - consider.. technique of performer, range, breath control - their interpretation, how do they perform the meaning of the song - kind of voice, quality of voice - venue and production quality of performance eg 1 DAVID DANIELS - VOICE - male, more cool and long flowing - TECHNIQUE - more tense in higher range, sound more rich bc hes older - INTERPRETATION - no real facial expression (perhaps related to god character of piece) - PRODUCTION - orchestra accompaniment, microphones, traditional performance of the piece eg 2 JACKIE EVANCHO - VOICE - female, rich voice for a young girl - TECHNIQUE - she emphasizes indiv words more - INTERPRETATION - she shows facial expression - PRODUCTION - singer along and sound piped in, can only see singer, microphones both singing OMBRA MAI FU - by Handel, opera Serse, aria Ombra mai fu, assumed character would that would be singing is castrato (male thats castrated so voice doesnʼt change) young boy voice in males body, particular piece sung by a god, there is a calmness abt it Perspective #2 GENRE and STYLE Voi Che Sapete - same song thus same genre and style - but sounds diff bc each performers brings their own style to the piece eg 1 NANA MOUSKOURI - brought up in FOLK tradition - slides into notes eg 2 BERNIE NOLAN - pop/musical theatre - belts out the song, ʻperformsʼ it, more aggressive eg 3 CECILIA BERTOLI - opera/classical - every note is approached cleanly GENRE - a type of music, kind 1. Anonymous: EASTER MASS - KYRIE - VOCAL MUSIC (music that is sung w/out instruments - structure or form = KYRIE (specifically MASS (of Roman Church)) - CHANT - purpose is part of SACRED MUSIC of CHURCH - expect long sinuous lines, unmeasured 2. Bach: TOCCATA and FUGUE in D minor, BWV 565 - INSTRUMENTAL (keyboard; specifically organ) - form = TOCCATA/FUGUE (touch piece, tend to be fragmented) - church music (associated w/ the church) 3. Britten: THE YOUNG PERSONʼs GUIDE to the ORCHESTRA - INSTRUMENTAL/ORCHESTRA (for an orchestra) - theme and variations - concert - genres do not appear fully formed, they appear and form over decades - sex is not something we see in the church, there is a kind of mode of communication we expect in church -
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