Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 9October 14 2009 9 Religion I Funerary Beliefs and the Egyptian CosmosAttitudes to Deathavoid eternal death at all costsaim to maintain individuals life and status beyond deathideally contd contact w living bringing ones possessionsreflected in decoration of tombs that show tomb as arecipient of offeringsbin charge of his affairsceternally young and beautiful may be buried w Shabti little figurines come to life to work for tomb owner in afterlifeTransition going Westsunset and realm of Osiris king ascends to sky in OKboat sedanchair on foottypical formulae in OK I have come today from my town I have descended from mynome Journey West also represented in funerary procession on foot and boat involved relatives mourners priests performing rituals symbolic journeys to Abydos and Buto represented in tombs deceased travelling to Papyrus Thicket transitionary place bt life Nile and death desert where Horus hidden from Sethmythical location of rebirth symbolized by tomb transition to death or hereafter fraught w dangers that can be overcome by coming prepared 1 Mummificationmummy as house for soul 2 tomb as house for eternitygives provisions for eternity 3 rituals ensured both transfiguration and transition into next world 4 accumulation of arcane knowledge of hereafter ways guardians modalitiesex knowing who opens the gate so you can say their namethey only let you in if you know their name 5 attesting to ones good life in accordance w Maat in Judgement of the Dead bf Osiris if not found worth faced Ammut the Devourernever shown is texts ppl always acceptedAspects of the Person in death humans likened to gods following royal exampleimmortalityeveryone became Osiris ex OsirisAlexandra interact w living out of tombin cult or visiting them in their sleep four dif aspects of person in soul1 Akheffective part luminous in hereafterEgyptiantransfiguration ritualssakhuNK respected individuals venerated in Akh iker en Ra Effective Akh of Ra stelaeintervened w gods on behalf of living
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