Lecture 11

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE11October 21 2009 11 Egyptian WomenWomens Status Within Egyptian SocietyDepended on fathers and husbandsnot a homogenous group comparatively many individual rightsLegal position equal with men before law responsible for their own actions can attend court unattended as plaintiff defendant witness Rights of ownership and inheritingcould ownrent property not always economically dependant on husband sons and daughters received equal share of inheritance unless stated in will women can acquire income on parents deathhusbands wealth Women in control of a third of any property held in common with husband Could dispose of all her personal property as she wishedUsually worked in the house titlenebet perCould engage in business thoughoften traded surplus goods clothes veggies produced by their household Could own their own slaves cf Wahs wifeservices hired out for profit Some ca
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