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Lecture Two • Lloyd Best, Jagan Annual Lecture, York, 2001 quote (look at slides) • Triangular Trade  manufactured goods from Europe to Africa  slaves from Africa to Americas  plantation crops from Americas to Europe (visual map on slides) • 15 to 19 centuries • Loss of ten to twenty people in the transition process/the middle passages • Shackle slavery  references to a “property” relationship  human beings become transformed into property  loosing your liberty of life to your slave-master who had absolute control over you  kinship destructible and idea of family was hard to maintain because members could easily be sold off • Referring to people as “enslaved” implying what was done, opposed to calling them “slaves” meaning that’s what they were • Readings: Histories of emergence of plantation (Williams, Fraginals); Characteristics (Beckford) • Eric Williams, 1911-1981  first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago • Peoples National Movement  political party that he started • 1962  led to Trinidad’s independence • Williams’ argument: Here then is the origin of Negro slavery. The reason was economic, not racial; it had to do not with the colour of the laborer, but the cheapness of the labour.” (p. 19). How does Williams establish his case of argument? What evidence does he bring to help him make his point? • Slavery wasn’t born of racism but rather racism was a consequence of slavery • Why the need for so much man-power from Africa compared to other enslaved races? • Some answers given: The industrial revolution; land • The scale of the operation is what made is profitable and more economical to run. Prior to the institution of slavery, indigenous peoples were already scripted to do this work • Page 5  slavery was a solution to work the land intensively  economic institution • “Africans we re late co
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