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New College
Prof.Tracey Bowen

Song – War • theme song for anti war protests of the era • i.e. Dixie Chicks – cumulus media put out a memo to pull any of the dixie chicks song in 2003– went to a senate hearing ◦ realized power of organizations and broadcast media • went from 50 media owners to 5 in 1983 how do we accept concept of war now compared to the vietnam era? Viet war was very messy, ambiguous Culture industry played important role in what we were seeing adorno & hork – everything passes thru a filter gulf war, iraq war what we receive is the short end of the stick by media pentagon had to approve certain scripts during 9/11 backed films such as Top Gun had to happen in terms of industry and spectacle pentagon wanted to dupe masses wanted to make content seem acceptable in their terms branding “War” - was branding of anti war Country Songs “troops” - the citizen soldier not only the troops, but citizens are involved themselves nationality the “clean war” spectator and aura of war benjamin – shock of image critical distance in terms of freedom must maintain to see freedom as something that will transform us it's hypocritical b/c in order to be free, must be controlled in a way illusion of transformation b/c of images “we;re fighting b/c we must” interpreted b/c of powers important critcial distance that must happen -means of control, control of illusion perhaps ? -if you see too much, you might form your own ideas best to numb the masses -protecting them from getting too close habitus 'living room war' brought the dead bodies -watching images on the TV. Received alot of info juxtaposed w/ images of ppl protesting police office
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