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Nick Mount

Feb 3, 2014 Death of the author, birth of the reader (Bakhtin), biography of the author is what is received from the page by the critical community in which the writing emerges. Post structuralist analysis Rebirth of the author, text and context, part of that context is the writer (and the writer’s identity). Context: politics, social reformation, culture etc. Other cultural products. Writer and audience. Tradition, all of the novels will engage in questions of modernity and questions of tradition. What does it mean to be anAfrican writer? What are our responsibilities as writers? How do we write back against a racist history? Write back against a patriarchal one? The Invention of Tradition – what is tradition? Pursued in order to push a political agenda. Differences in Gender Differences:  Symbolic uses of female figures,  Treatment of gender relations and roles, women are archetypes  What is regarded as traditional?  Colonial violence is masculinized, colonial violence is about the emasculation of African men. Marginalized or peripheralization of women’s experiences under colonialism.  Dominant images of women and female bodies, and how these issues relate to feminism:  Female versus Women writers: “Female”, notion occurs at birth, biological sex, etc., performance of being female – “women” a social construction.  Women, byprodu
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