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NEW333-Lecture 1&2

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NEW333 Buddhism and Cog scienceOffice hours M215415 F 115215 SS4093Johnvervaekegmailcom416 978 7306stTest 1 OCT 21 252 sections 1Short essay answer 34 paragraphs choice of 10 or soHow relevant insights drawn from demonstrate understanding of material and can critically appropriateNot just about reproducing content2 An integrative argumentative essay Expected to put forth a thesis a claim that something is the case Thesis must be clear course relevantTopic proposal for PCT28th 51 Page document proposal for essay topic3 paragraphsst1 discussion of topic no thesis requirednd2 brief argument as to how and why relevant to this courserd3 Why you can cover it in a 3000 word essay appropriate scaleminimum 5 sources APA style academicPeer reviewed journals immediately apparent why that source is relevantmay be explained in topic proposalEssay due NOV25 30A thesis that can be rationally argued againt something that someone could initially say mmm I dont knowAnd clear and persuasive Think of counter arguments and criticisms and respond to themMust use proper citation Cite words and ideasA proper title page scholastic papermust hand in essay proposal the one marked with the essayFinal Examsame format 40Cumulative with emphasis on later partsLECTURE 1Why are we doing this courseTrying to pick up on the powerful confluence between Cog Sci and BuddhismPart of the appropriation of Buddhism by the West Western Buddhsim Lots of attempts being made understanding how western culture can and should appropriate BuddhismAs Buddhism moves away from its place of origin it changes Philisophical shifts Enormously resilient Buddhism is gaining in the West going through another one of these restructuringsArgumentCog sci seems to be one of the best ways to appropriate Buddhism into the WWestWhys should cog sci be interested in BuddhismMeaning crisis in the WestThe scientific world view universe showing no plan order inherent morality Cognitive science goes with that Challenges fundamental understanding of who and what we areBut cog sci is coming to understand how central MEANING is to human cognition We know where to get knowledge but where do you get wisdom what is needed to get out of foolishness Answers are not so easy so forth coming YES THEY ARECog sci and Buddhism view of cognition confluent but Buddhism is a path to wisdomPerhaps Buddhism can provide a scientifically respectable way to address the meaning crisis Both sides will have to give and takeHISTORY of BUDDHISM OF THE WESTAfter the collapse of Alexander the great empire Some of the empire breaks away forms an independent country called Bactria Greek philosophy being integrated with Buddhist thinking
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