Lecture 7 - Lipids

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Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 7 the next half of graphminimum to the maximum 1 Nov 2011 bulk water as a solventmaking the metals and oxygen moe mobile and more available moreSplenda label likely to come into contact with molecules that in reality because it has 1g of carbs everything but the sucralose it has they can react with34 calories but since its less than an arbitrary number then they can final decrease label it as 0 calbulk water is so high that it has a diluting effect why is the dextrose and maltodextrin included and only 12mg sucraloseand separates some of the reactive components a 12mg is only a tiny volume of material that you would probably have bittrouble seeing or pouringadds the extra sugars as filler so that it hydrolytic ranciditycan be poured out of the packetwater breaksdown triglycerides to form FFAs which taste badstudy Interesterification untreated control sample scored most highly in the negative diected interesterificaitonfrom hetero to homoattributesdecline in quality and tasteuse cool temperatuers to remove the saturated fats solidify before grapeseed extract one was the bestthe polyunsaturesTBARSquality of reactive compounds in samplehomogenous fat converst more readily to the more stable betaformcontrol again scored highest with grapseseed extract can be directed by enzymesloestvery specific about the fatty acids they target hydrophilic lipophilic balance leaves liquid polyunsatured fatty acids and solid sautred fats longer nonpolar chain would be more lipophilic larger polar component random interesterificationfrom homo to heterowould form a more hydrophilic componentlardmost of its palmitic acid is homogenous and ordered and it smaller droplets make more stable emulsions so you need to put a lot of reverts to the betaprime formbeta formenergy into mixing after random interestification it stays reliably as betarpime Emulsifiers and emulsionsconversion of oil to plastic fatphospholipidscan be used to make vegetable oil margarinesbest emulsifiersadd saturated fat to an unsaturated fat and interesterifyextracted from eggssaturated fat gets randomly distributed to glyercolsorbitan esters the triglycerides that become disaturated pick up 2 fatty acids in used to stabilize lipids in betaprime formparticular have the properties of saturated fats more solid higher commercially available with very long chains to be highl lipophilicmelting point depending on what fats were usedgums and starchesare not traditional emulsifiers with polar and nonpolar components Lipid rancidity thickengelatinize a continuous phase and makes it harder for oxidativedroplets to coalesce and reduces their mobilityend results are the same but the initiating processes are differentFrench dressing exampleautooxidationemulsifiers traditional mustard flour contains phospholipids the more unsatured it is the more reactivepaprikaomega9 fats are mucg more stable than the moe unsaturated stabilizers usuallt starch or gum that dissolves and thckens in oils as stable as some solid fats and can replace trans fatsaqueous phase or gels the aqueous phasexanthan gum and initiaitonpropylene glycol alginatelook for oxygen and fatty acids and break them upwhat is this emulsion Homemade mayonnaiseoccurs most readily near double bondsEggs provide phospholipids more double bondsmore susceptible to oil in water emulsionhow Its mostly water wityh some aqueous oxidation and dont keep for longhow to balance contributed by lemon jiuice and egg whitenutritional qualitymassive amount of oil coated by small cotninuous amounts of chain propagationwatercan only be stopped by getting rid of the free radicaladd oil slowly the beating is to break th
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