PHL100Y1 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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10 Aug 2016
1. Lecture 7
The Kallipolis
Education: selection, propaganda, censorship
Don’t show gods behaving badly
1. A foretaste of God as “perfectly good.”
Promote the right kind of music and art
2. Ok only if it promotes harmony of society
3. no extremes of pleasure or sex
4. in book 10, poets are banned all together
Soldiers are trained as harsh and gentle
The guardians, (gold) are subjected to a stern regime. The arguers complain about their not
having luxuries and Plato responds that the kallipolis is not there for individual happiness.
Parts of a whole need to compliment each other. The people have to strive towards the
happiness of the abstract concept of the city.
Happiness occurs when everything works together in a way that can be called happy.
Wealth and poverty both corrupt.
By foregoing wealth and offering spoils to allies
5. Won’t this corrupt our allies?
The Successful City
Is wise, courageous, moderate, just.
The highest form of knowledge will be possessed by the smallest number
Only philosophers can have truth, everyone else has only opinion
“Moderation”- self control
6. are you the one being controlled or doing the controlling?
7. Why don’t you just do what you want?
8. Obviously I am not just one person \
The Soul
Thesis one: the soul has at least two parts.
9. P1- a thing cannot be, do, or undergo opposites.
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