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Class Notes for Philosophy at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

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UTSGPHL271H1Sophia MoreauWinter

Lecture Three Reading Ronald Dworkin's "Law's Ambitions for Itself" (1985) and H.L.A. Hart's "The Concept of Law" (1961). Notes taken from readings and summarized to what was directly related to lecture material.

OC177026 Page
16 Oct 2011
In harts opinion the elements of law consist in primary and secondary rules. The only means of social control in such cases would be the general attitu
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UTSGPHL243H1Ronniede SousaFall

Kant Notes

OC227624 Page
13 Dec 2011
Duties towards the body in respect of sexual impulse. Kant"s definition of sexual impulse: an appetite for enjoying another human being. They are the o
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UTSGPHL245H1Alexander KooFall

PHL245H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Propositional Calculus, Atomic Sentence, Deductive Reasoning

OC7363217 Page
18 Oct 2016
Statements are sentences that are true or false. Type of arguments: deductive arguments are certain (from general to specific) Inductive arguments are
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liberty and equality: mills and berlin

OC55123 Page
17 Mar 2011
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prof talked about gay marriage and court cases

OC55122 Page
31 Mar 2011
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OC55124 Page
24 Mar 2011
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UTSGPHL237H1Vincent ShenFall

PHL237H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Chinese Buddhism, Sengzhao, Jizang

OC36764114 Page
1 Dec 2014
Write down the names of five chinese mahayana buddhist schools: sanlun school (3 treatises school, faxiang/ weishi/ conscious-only school, tiantai scho
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discrimination on grounds, iyer

OC55123 Page
7 Apr 2011
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OC33397 Page
14 Apr 2011
Introduction to liberty and equality: our questions, relevant charter rights. Mill: what kind of liberty matters: some negative liberties, positive lib
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UTSGPHL245H1Alexander KooWinter

PHL245H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Circular Reasoning, If And Only If, Green Cheese

OC7797485 Page
25 Jan 2016
Everything available online, this is a green course! You must practice to be good, this is a technical course and the work is cumulative. A problem a d
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UTSGPHL271H1Sophia MoreauFall

Course Syllabus PHL 271 2014

OC3044992 Page
24 Oct 2014
In this course, we will examine a series of questions about the relation between law and morality. We will start with some questions about the nature o
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UTSGPHL237H1Vincent ShenFall

PHL237H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Filial Piety, Chinese Philosophy, Western Philosophy

OC36764112 Page
1 Dec 2014
What are the special characteristics of chinese philosophy in comparison with western philosophy: language, chinese: pictograms/ ideograms expresses id
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