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Lecture: Feb 6th/13 Each of us has a natural individualistic part of ourselves. But living in society also gives us an artificial self. The natural self: how we are (or were) before we entered into society The human self isn’t in its true form. Glaucus is supposed to be a reflection of Plato’s If we’re going to see the true nature of the soul, we’re gonna have to strip away all the properties of the soul that it had acquired Rousseau’s Method. Thought experiment: imagine an imaginary human and begin to subtract with your mind, all the qualities about him that could’ve came about The Natural Soul divided into 3 categories. Psychological profile of man in a state of nature: 1. Amour de soi (self-love). Man is determined and driven toward self-preservation. Pro- moting his welfare. Doesn’t like to see people suffering. (experiences pity) 2. Pity 3. Free will. Ability to resist impulses 4. Perfectibility 5. Man will only have 2 passions...desire and fear. They arise from “appetite” 6. In the moment (has no foresight or memory. Doesn’t look down the road 7. “Dull and Stupid” Virtues and vices only come about when you’re in some sort of social relationship with another Question Is natural man, as Rousseau describes him, theoretically possible? This is according to the list above with pity...perfectibility....and etc. Stages of Man’s Decline 1. “First Revolution” 2. “Second Revolution” 3. Establishment of Civil Society The fact that man is free and is perfectible means that he has the potential to change. This wi
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