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Endocrine Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle French

Endocrine L1 Nov 11 11What do you know already about the endocrine Thyroid hormone metabolism growthdevelopmentsystemHypo fatigued Spend one minute writing down what you know not as sharpabout Easier to treat Names of hormonesdisorder once isolated Where released fromhormoneuse FnsreplacementHow regulatedHow act on cellsHormones gamete production development labour Growth hormone growth metabolismdevelopment lactationPlacentatemporary endocrine organSignaling lack of productionBottom Acroneglytoo much growth hormone Damage to after adult height reachedposterior pituitarylose Cortisol metabolismstress blood glucoseADHcant maintain water balance have to drink moreParathyroid hormone calcitriolcalcitonin plasma calcium concentrationUsed past 6070yrs Antiinflammatory in high dosesex asthma inflammatory bowel disease excema other autoimmune diseasesWhat are your learning objectives1How do hormonesreceptors signal cells to change activity2How do specific hormones control body in healthdiseaseStudy tipcreate a table w headings hormone Treatment of osteoporosis spongy bone includes name type of hormone released from hormone analogsstimulus mechanism of action functions Ca2 Neurotransmitters muscle contractns targets too much too littlebone integrityThe endocrine system like nervous system controls Insulin blood gucoseglucagon blood glucose body fns othersDiabetes mellituslack of insulin secretion mainly or resistance to insulin defects in receptor pathwayObesity linked to many hormones related to body fat
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