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Reproduction Lecture 1 - Overview, Male

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle French

Reproduction L1 Nov 30 11LH binds to endocrine cellsproduction of Overview of Reproduction and Male steroid hormones gamete productionReproductionEndocrine cells release dif kinds of peptidesFSH support gamete production not on cells What commonalities are found in malesfemalesundergoing meiosis on cells that support meiosis1Formation of gametes sperm or oocytes2Hypothalamicpituitary control of reproductionGnRH secreted in pulses from neuroendocrine cells in aIdentical hormones in malesfemales hypothalamusGhRH LH FSH1GametogenesisOccurs in ovaries or testesGametes w 23 chromosomes are produced from cells in the gonads w 46 chromosomesProcess involves MeiosisDNA replicated onceCells undergo division twicePulsitile activity electric from GnRHIn contrast Mitosisnormal cell divisionsecretingneuronsDNA replicated once15 pulseshr in malestravels to anterior Cells undergo division oncepitLH secretion pulsesImportant for growthreplenishing tissuesPulsatility critical for reproductive functionEnd up w same gentic info in daughter maintains tissues responsiveness for these cells as parent cellshormonesMust treat problems of secretion of these Mitosis vs Meiosishormones in pulsitile way like normalRegulated by hormonal feedbackhigher brain centresPulse frequencyamplitude changes during developmentChanges in females on monthly cycle 35 pulseshrReview question 1Which of the following concerning the regulation of reproductive hormone secretion is correctaGnRH acts directly on the gonad to stimulate Animations peptide hormone releasehttphigheredmcgrawhillcomsites0072437316bLHFSH are released from the posterior studentview0chapter12animationshtmlpituitaryMeiosisDuplication first then 2 cell divisions dif cLH stimulates the release of steroid lineup of chromosomes end up w 4 cells from hormones from the gonads1 half as many chromosomes in gametes dGnRH is released continually from cells in the 23hypothalamus1Hypothalamicpituitary control of reproductionMale Reproductive SystemnRH released from hypothal bind to Spermatozoa made in testes spend 12 days in gonadotrophs in ant pit secretion of LHFSH epididemis develop ability to swim travel in vas named for role in remale productiontarget deferens go out urethra in ejaculationgonadsform gametesendocrine cells wi the tissues
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