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Lecture 2

Reproduction Lecture 2 - Female

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Michelle French

Reproduction L2 Dec 02 11 Female ReproductionLimitedof primary oocytes fixed at birth might be possible to regenerate some More complicated in females since have to support primary oocytes w stemlike cellsbabyFecundity decreases after age 30Female Reproductive SystemFecundityability to become pregnantDrops considerably after age 32Likelihood of healthy child drops even moreNeed hormone therapy to superovulate at age 50 ex celebrities2 ovarieshormone synthesis estrogens progesterone inhibin formation of gametesMeiotic spindle becomes disorganized w ageOocyte ovulated into fallopianuterine tube Rmbr oocytes in suspendedfertilizedas develops goes to uterusanimationmetaphaseembryofetus developsTop young bottom olderNo connection btwn reproductiveurinary tracts in femalesHow are oocytes producedsimilar to spermatogenesis but difWhat are the components of the menstrual cyclemonthly cycle of adult womenOvarian cycleEverything that goes on in ovary formation of oocyte ovulation production of hormonesUterine cycleChanges in inner part of uterus endometriumMyometrium made of smooth muscleOogonia2n 46 chr develop in fetus gonad endometrium on inner portionthat becomes femaleStart meiosis then arrested in meiosis I Ovarian cycleregressdisappear over lifetimeAfter puberty small grps of primary oocytes 2n develop on monthly basis one selected to complete meiosis I start meiosis II ex can ndtake 25 yrs to get to this2ary oocytereleased at ovulationChanges in oocyteStart w oocyte w surrounding cells eventually Differences btwn oogenesisspermatogenesisselect oocyte w fluid filled antrum cavity Oogenesisenlarges then broken down w enzymes at ndAsymmetric cell divisiononly one 2ary ovulationoocyte releaseoocyte has most of cytoplasm producedYellow corpus luteum cells remain for a from each oogonium 1 disintegrated polar while finite lifespan degenerate if no body has chrfertilizationAll mitochondria in embryo from mother The cells surround the oocytecell dont come from father spermremaining secrete inhibin estrogen Limited duration no oocyte production after progesterone menopauseaverage age 51
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