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PSL 300 Lecture 5

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Gillian Mac Kay

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PSL300 LECTURE 5RECEPTOR POTENTIALReceptor PotentialDepolarization of sensory receptors upon receipt of specific energy eg light heat pressure etcEXCEPTION Photoreceptors hyperpolarizeReceptor proteinEmbedded in sensory cell membraneChanges shape when specific energy receivedEitherCation channel opened FastestAn enzyme is activated via Gprotein coupling SlowGprotein and enzyme activations amplify weak signalseg Olfactory systemamplification of signalsStress Sensory axons are always unmyelinatedOn sensory receptors exocytosis does not required action potential only depolarizationAxon terminal not somaSlowly adapting receptor potentialAmplify the onset of the signal that decays slowly overtime to steady stateTransmission of signal2 categories of sensory cell transmissionSensory cell generates an action potential at a spikegenerating zoneSensory cell releases vesicles when depolarized impulses generated in postsynaptic neuronReceptor AdaptationSlowlyAdapt
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