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Lecture 2

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Michelle French

Lecture 2 ReadingOverview Human immune system made of lymphoid tissuesimmune cellschemicals cellcell communication thru cytokinescontactdependent signals are importantImmune system 3 major functionsoRecognizeremove abnormal self cells ex CanceroRemoves deaddamaged cellsold RBC ex Scavenger cells like macrophage eat up these cellsoProtects body from diseasecausing invaderspathogens ex MicrobesparasitesImmunogens trigger immune responseif it reacts w the product of response its called antigensImmune system can fail due tooIncorrect responses ex Fails to distinguish bw selfnonselfsystem can attack own bodys normal cellsautoimmune diseaseoOveractive responses ex System creates a huge response to allergiesoLack of responses ex Immunodeficiency diseases some part of system fails to work properlyPrimary born with vs acquired immunodeficiency Pathogens of Human Body Bacteria vs VirusoStructureBacteria are cells can be encapsulated w membraneviruses are not cells made of DNA or RNA enclosed in a capsid w additional envelope made by hosts cell membrane phospholipidprotein w viral proteins incorporatedoLiving conditionsreproductionBacteria survivereproduce outside of host if there is adequate food temp pH etcViruses uses hosts cell to replicate insideoSusceptibility to drugsBacteria can be killedinhibited by antibioticsViruses cant be killed by antibiotics some can use antiviral drugs to stop viral replicationVirus binds host cells membrane receptorsendocytosis or fuseinside host cellreplicate to make new viral nucleic acidproteinsgets packed into new virus particlesreleased from host cell thru host cell rupture or exocytosisinfect other cellsoDamage host by interfering w hosts metabolism to cause cell death replicate irregularly incorporate its DNA into host DNA ex HIVoncogenic virus Immune Response 2 lines of defense
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