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Lecture 6

PSL350 Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
An- Wen Chan

Lecture 4Gene Expression RNA and Protein Technologies Tuesday January 31 2012 1010 AMyRegulation of Gene ExpressionyprokaryoticmRNA transcription and posttranscri occurs in cytoplasm no nucleusyeukaryoticterm signal more regulator elements for tissue specificityyEu Transcription o lots bind to promoter to initiate transcription always shown 5 to 3 o coding strand has the codons sense strand o template antisense o the sequence of mRNA is same as codingsense strand except T replaced by U o when RNA polymerase hits the termination signal that is the polyA tail transcription will terminate in the termination stage o Proximal promotersvery close to the start Euk Transcriptionytogether TATA box withupstream promoter can initatie transcriptionyEnhancerssome DNA sequence that are far away from the promoter region several kB but will still increase transcription activity o can be upstream or downstream or even in the intron o loops back to the promoter region and binds to the TFDySilencersinhibits gene transcription also updownstreamyInsulatorsnot longisolates the two genes so they dont influenceinterfere with eachother RNA Splicingyoccurs during RNA maturation processyfirst something in the intron attacks the donor siteyat 3 end always has Sdonor SD gets attacked free SD attacks SA and they get looped out The linked image cannot be displayedThe file may have been moved renamed or deleted Verify that the link points to the correct file and location MicroRNA
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