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Lecture 3

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Political Science
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Lynette Ong

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1949-1960 The Mao Years
1949 devastated decades of decline of civil wars and poverty, looking for a change
After the communist came, give them hope and idealistic to transform to an equal china, one equal
mankind. Politically equality of the country. People are all masters of the country. Made woman
legally equal to man. Blind marriage are abolished, woman are able to marry the man they love.
Encourage peasants to humiliate and beat the landlord. Hundreds to thousands landlords are
killed. Land Reform: Lands are distributed to poor peasants. More land to grow more, and life
become better. Land and houses are taken from the landlord and given to them. So mass peasants
supported the communist party.
Joseph Stalin didn’t acknowledge Mao’s presence and the United Nations didn’t acknowledge
Mao’s government. Ł fought in Korea. North Korea, want to attack China and remove the Chinese
communist party’s threatened.
Spring 1951, fighting continued in Korea. Korea forced us to realize the CCP is in live, and will
continue to live . people will $, bone with ties with the previous regime, power are tortured and
killed or in prisoned. But for many Chinese, live was improving. Ł great socialist regime
1954 Mao has his own life of pace. No time concept, sleep eat work whenever he want. The party
supposedly is for all the leaders but actually is organized for him. ( to kao nui, dance with girls) ,
Mao then begins thousands of industrial projects. 1953: socialize agriculture, pull families into
cooperatives. By then people are unhappy, uncomfortable to form their own collective with the
whole community. Many wealthy people are reluctant to join ( incomes went down) . the making of
an industrial China. He was disturbed by the new elites in the party.
Mao appointed Deng Xiao Ping to lead the rightest movement.
GePuiziŁ exile and do heavy labour for years
All rightist are kicked out.
Making steel, to overtaking London and xxxxxx
Build small furnace to melt them. (even open stingy covens for steel)
From Mao to leaders down level, all were enthusiased. The corn will grow higher when you desire.
All are mobilized.
Propaganda, censorship. One teacher said : how tall were the wheat be if we produce 478 tones,
immediately he was accused of being rightist, and executed.
Hes the chairment, hard to see him, let alone to discuss with him,no one would dare to
say out their voice or comment in front of Mao or other political leader in fear of being
accused as rightist.
Famine of the last 3 years, people died
Campaign of Remember the bitter past and enjoy the sweet future is launched
People start to open up their suffering life and devasteated 3 years and shock the officias,
cause as if they are blaming the CCp and Chairman Mao.
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