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POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Free Migration, Social Fact, Canadian Identity

Political Science
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Nov. 15th, 2010
On Immigration, Citizenship, & Multiculturalism
International Migration, Immigration & Multiculturalism
International Migration: is politically salient due to the border being
crossed; this changes ones membership status
Immigration: Immigration is a political process driven by the way our world
is structured in an amalgam of nation states
People tend to prefer to live where they were born and raised
Inequality can be thought of as a push factor (i.e. One doesnt have a
Immigration is also made up of pull-factors such as relatively higher
wages, standard of living, & better prospects for ones children
Employers are doing the pulling.
Material inequality is an important driver
The push is political in this case, known as asylum seekers
Internationally recognized right for one to leave their country, almost
every country allows for freedom of exit (excl. North Korea)
Strange Bedfellows I (Political interests can bring together people who
otherwise have little in common)
Core of immigration policy: how one enters, whether one can enter, how
can one establish residency, the rules for deportation
Immigrants add to the receiving countrys working force (good for
employers), not for employees
Strange Bedfellows II
Open immigration for everyone
A social fact Canada IS multicultural, in terms of linguistic,
religious, & cultural diversity
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