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13 Dec 2010
POL103—LEC 02
September 22, 2009
The Rise of the West
What is true is that modernization really began in the North West corner of Europe. Great
Britain, the lowlands which was the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France, northern
Germany in part (sometimes called the Northwest triangle).
Origins of Modern World Economy
Twin “Revolutions 16th019th centuries, agricultural and industrial
Refers to very gradual changes in agricultural technologies which had a large
impact on the amount of surplus that a farmer could get from land.
Both occurred in theNorthwest Triangle” of Europe
It took them almost 2 centuries to raise their revenues where they could attain a lot
of surplus. It was slow, and the second thing is that it spread very slowly from the
South West to the North and East. They moved across the continent rather slowly.
These changes of course refer to things such as kinds of ploughs, and primitive
types of fertilizer.
Technologies invented in Holland and the Rhineland during thelong sixteenth
century” reached Bavaria, Saxony, and Central France around 1750, and Hungary,
Poland, and the Balkans between 1824 and 1850, and Russia later still.
Neatly regressive pattern from Northwest to South East. Three economic regions
of Europe; the core, the semi periphery, and then the periphery.
Before 1600s the differences between the East and West existed but they werent
so great
Industrial Revolution
Originates in late 18th century England
More appropriate designated as a revolution
Amount of Iron processed into steel in English Factories:
1788: 68, 000 tons
1806: 250, 000 tons
1830: 678, 000 tons
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