POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Henry Ashby Turner

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4 Feb 2011
Political Science October 25
, 2010.
The Fascist and Communist Challenges
Reading: Henry Ashby Tur ner, “Fascism and Modernization”
Andrew Janos, What Was Communism? A Retrsoective in Comparative Analysis, vol.29,
no.1, 1996, pp.1-24
Communism and fascism represented…
1.Were legitimate alternatives
2.Politics that cast off restraints, politics of violence; the end of communism and
fascism justified the mean (those means defined much of 20
Liberalism and its Crisis
Long 19
century is peak of liberalisms appeal
Liberal institutions develop even where social basis is not obviously present
Liberalism and the Working Class
Extension of the franchise
Rise of Social Democracy in Western Europe. Evolutionary socialism and
reconciliation with liberal democracy electoral socialism
What about the revolution?
Lenin: revolutionary movement under conditions of authoritarianism—Russia
Workers only capable of “trade union consciousness
Marxism and Economic Backwardness
Russia—one of most backward countries in Europe
Working class revolution, with small working class
1917: World War and Revolution
World Revolution or World Power
World revolution fails to materialize
From insurrectionism to statism—supporting communism means suppor ting the
Soviet Union
But what is communism or socialism? What will this kind of economy look like:
Lenin:Communism=Soviet power + electrification”
Stalinism: terror and progress
Ter ror and Secret police
Purges and Famine
Stalin and after
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