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Rise of West

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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The Rise of the West and Marxism
Modernization started in Northwest triangle of Europe
Twin Revolutions (16th -19th)
Agriculture and Industrial Revolutions
May be hyperbole to call it revolution. Case of Flemish and British farmers.
Originate in late 18th century England.
Ex. Raw cotton processed in British factories.
Iron processed into steal in English factories.
Huge changes in domestic consumption pattern. (Luxuries are decencies. Decencies
seen as necessities.)
Rise of the middle classes!
Social Result: Scarcity to surplus.
Complexity of division of labour
New forms of social consciousness (achievement status no more)
Karl Marx
How to analyze society?
Who controls means of production?
Materialism: a method for understanding. How people live? What is God?
Feuerbach and critique of German idealism (Hegell): Man created God, God did not
create man.
Marx who do we need religion injustice? You must go for the material causes.
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