POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Katyn Massacre, Red Army, Military Elite

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11 Jan 2016

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January 11th – War
Wars are dened by there: Scale, Methods, Services employed and
their eects.
Countries like to attack by air because there are minimal casualties for
their countries. Great examples are the drones. Which are attacking
people from above while no American soldiers are being hurt.
The consequences of or war may be drastic. (WW1)
WW2 was very signi*cant as well.
War have their only logic and scales however they are very hard to
control and unfortunately they most of the time have the same end.
War and “us” – For most Europeans throughout the history war was
natural re-ex and many times religious war reach extreme brutalities.
War was used to catch a territory, to create a market and to convert to
a particular religion.
Religion is a very strong motivation for war great examples of this are
the roman Catholics and Protestants, ISIS, Shia and Sunni and so on.
World War 1 and World War 2 de*ned the last century.
Long Reach of World War IIMultiple features of contemporary
world are unimaginable without WWII.
Division of Germany and Europe
Cold War
American Supremacy
Human Rights Revolution in 1960s
Post War Prosperity
September 1939 Germany invaded Poland. Germany tactically
destroyed the Polish. The Poles asked for help. The British and French
did not want to join in. However the Russians came to attack.
Wehrmacht employed uncompromising brutality.
World War II – Murder was not tactical; it was an end in itself.
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