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Lecture 6

POL101Y1 Lecture 6: democratic success and failure

Political Science
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Randall Hansen

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Monday, February 22, 2016
Democratic Success and Failure poly sci
-basic question of poly sci: “what is the form of government (dictatorship, oligarchy) and why
does a system move from one government to another? < why?
-what is democracy?
deoms= people, cracy= rule
relatively recent idea: until french revolution it was widely held in europe that benign
dictators, monarchies, or particular classes knew best how to govern a country
need: right to free press, need freedom from political intimidation, right to free association,
free and fair elections
equality, gender democracy
-trade offs
democracy as majoritarianism vs minority rights
democracy vs stability
democracy doesn't have a right to vote itself out of existence
-history of democratization: samuel huntington’s the three waves
first wave: early 19th century to 1922- extension of suffrage to propertied males, all males
and in some countries women
-peak- 29 democracies
democratic failure in interwar europe- democratic collapse with mussolini, portugal in 1922,
germany in 1933 natzi, spain 1931 franco
inter war period democracies 32 in 60s
-japan, italy
118 electoral democracies today
-democratization well before germany and post war europe today
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