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Political Science
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Janice Stein

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POL200 Jan 27
The criteria of profit must be applied to the idea of justice
Socrates is less of an idealist
Each artisan practices his art for his own benefit
Socrates confuses the situation by insisting that only as a wage earner is the artisan
concerned with the good of the art
Wage earning as an art
Socrates has now introduced wage earning as an art itself
Socretes has defeated Thrasymechus by conceding his arguments
The victory is only seemingly apparent
Justice is a practice that is more advantageous to better and stronger human beings
Who would rule and why, and if anyone will rule, then why?
They dont find ruling attractive for the sake of ruling
The good man is not a selfless idealist
They dont find the usual wages of ruling attractive either
Good men are largely indifferent to the things that thrasymechus presented
Only in one case would they rule: when there is no one better to do the job
Good men will rule to avoid the evil of being ruled by inferior men
The injustice is superior to justice
The just man is a high minded simpleton according to thrsymechus
This is refuted by a few of Socrates arguments
The just man is wise and good and the unjust man is unlearned and bad
Art and knowledge
Knowledge is agreement
If there is a right way to play a chord, they will all play it
True musicians play in harmony
They resemble just men because they are only trying to get the better of the unjust
men and not the other just men
The unjust men try to get the better of everyone, just or unjust
Thrasymechus is embarrasses because Socrates has refuted his argument in a most
embarrassing way, because Socrates has proven his argument shameful
Thrasymachus reveals that he I in a way dependant on the opinions of others
He is ashamed and helpless
Whatever he says, Socrates will refute the argument in an embarrassing way
The hardest for him to accept is that a just man is the one who is knowledgeable
Justice is mightier than injustice
The success of an unjust enterprise depends on cooperation
But justice within a group is the basis of friendship and stability and injustice
harbours division and dispute
Socrates transposes this argument from the community to the individual
Every individual is composed of parts
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