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Lecture 17

POL208Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Protectionism, Non-Aligned Movement, Birmingham City Centre

Political Science
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Lilach Gilady

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North vs. South: Dependency Theory
Underdevelopment is Structural
The South is playing in an unlevelled playing field
- Colonial legacy, imperialism
- Late industrialization
- Unfavourable terms of trade
- Dependency on a few commodities; volatile price
- Neo-colonialism – the exploitation continues post independence; even more
efficient than colonialism
Solution I: Political Power
As long as the system is built in the way it is built, it doesn’t matter what the policies
are, Africa is going to remain the same
- 1955: Bandung Conference: 29 participants  the emergence of the Third
obefore a single African country gained independence
- The Non Aligned Movement; Organization of African Unity (63); The UN
General Assembly
oNAM  get concession by being in between both East and West
oSouthern bloc is very effective in working through the UN general
assembly  they all have an equal voice in the assembly  there are a
lot of Southern countries  more voice
- UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
oCreated because of pressure of Southern countries
oUN started as an organization with the focus of security
Main mandate was to deal with international/national security
oNow UN is an organization built to deal with development
Not part of the originally planned
Put on the table by Southern countries
Group of 77 (132 members)  established their own
organizations OECD
Umbrella term, which includes several terms to change the economic/ development
- Raul Prebisch: (The Singer-Prebisch thesis) terms of trade between the north
and the south deteriorate over time.
oISI  certain economic and political policies that should come as a
consequence  ISI is the only way to correct those terms of trade
oDirect intervention in the market: the north needs to give the south
access to its markets; need to maintain stable and high price for some
raw materials (cartels)
oHelp southern countries a stable price of commodities on which
economies depend
oCreated a policy which distorts the markets (not fair for northern
countries in the short terms  but overall more fair  gives south
countries the ability to start catching up)
oNew International Economic Order
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