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Lecture 22

POL214Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: W. M. Keck Observatory, Preposition And Postposition, Ecotourism

Political Science
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Nelson Wiseman

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POL214 March 16, 2015 Russell Peters Guest Speaker
Aboriginal issues moved into the mainstream of political science
Util the s, the orld Aorigials as’t preset
Russell: expert on constitution
o Textbook in those days, no mentions about Aboriginals
o Aboriginal people are becoming much more a news item in Canadian newspapers
Plan to build a pipe line up
A Royal commission has been set up and said cannot do it
He set up a support booth for the people
There are indigenous people who come by choice and embedded in nation state
In late 70s, we tricked them to gain sovereignty
In Australia, Australian-Aboriginal claim: captain cook cruise in New Holland and got to an island
and declared all the land [King George the third]
o They believed in illegal magic
That is how the white people cut sovereignty
Political science should be about questions of justice
British commission came out in 1977
o Call the olo ithi – UofT Press
Royal commission was 73-75, separate from it goes a law case in BC
o Nisga’a people are the atio i BC
o They had claimed it was their land
o They been doing that in their valley for decades as BC province advanced its frontier of
o Around 1900, they had good leaders and the BC government told them to go away
Because too primitive for land
o 1900, the first half, Europeans were officially racist for white people vs. non-white
People ho ere’t hite/Europea ere a loer leel
So the Nisga’a got o here
o Canadian government worried Aboriginal people going to residential schools and teach
a lot of them how to read and write
o , to ake sure the did’t get ito the ourt, ade it illegal for aoe to argue for
Aboriginal people
o Nisga’a did’t hae a hoe, util the s, the deeloped a la ase ad  , the
case got decided by the Supreme Court
e hae atie title to this lad eause e’e ee here, ad oed it for
Under British common law, the sovereignty authority can eliminate native title
but has to do it deliberately and clearly
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