POL214Y1 Lecture Notes - English Canada, Pierre Trudeau, Turnitin

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Published on 15 May 2013
POL214Y1 - Summer 2013
Prof. David Pond
by: A Orellana
May 14, 2013
Introductory Lecture
office hours: hour before class or catch him after class
home phone number is the one given on the syllabus
classes will have a break half way through
quickest way to get a hold of prof is by email
we have the rest of week off after the midterm test
week 10 - essay due
will go up on Blackboard before next class
Harper: politicians have niche markets
they (his advisors) have slowed him down
over the years, his image has been revamped to be humanized
you should be following along with politics in the media to avoid mistakes on the exam
recommended reading: Forsey Guide to Canadian government and politics - on Blackboard
read newspapers - free off the internet
other blogs and political websites will be cited by TAs
there is no substitute for tutorials
tutorials are not held every week
all TAs are veterans who have worked in this class w/ prof
good for how to study for tests and exams - they know what they look like - good resource
also will prepare you for how to write the essays
assessed by the TA not professor
make sure you see the TA marking you down during attendance
prof has to take the TAs word for it
all slides go on Blackboard
Prof will give us password for Turnitin.com when the essay comes up
Do not try to resend essays after a mistake: if you mount a 2nd essay, the machine will record that as a
copy - it will show as plagiarism. Email prof and tell him about it.
It may look like the essay loses footnotes and endnotes - no worry - computer error; let prof know
let prof know right away if you will not upload it to Turnitin
do not leave it too late to ask for an extension
two ways to hand it in: paper copy to TA, and uploaded to Turnitin
prof not obligated to assume you have handed it in
uploading it to Turnitin on the due date will protect you from acquiring a late penalty
if you do upload it late, even on a weekend, it will minimize a late penalty
first copy handed in, either way, will be marked
all past tests and exams will be posted on Blackboard
there won’t be any trick/weird questions
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