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Lec 4: Machinery of Government - Parliament 1

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Political Science
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Victoria Wohl

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Formal org of CAN gov
Governor General
Prime Minister
Central Agencies
Appoint, dismiss, shuffle cabinet
Set election date
Determine administrative structures and decision making processes
Determines cabinet's agenda
Patronage power
Power of the press
Control of the govt. Party.
First 6 are in the Big C powers given to the GG but in practice the PM has the power.
The PM can now get a more accurate reading of what the ppl want in the constituency than
the individual MPs due to the PMs massive resources.
Patronage is the glue that keeps the caucus, government and party together. The PM can
throw out members, stop them for running for their party, impede promotions or
appointments or elections to counsels and committees.
MPs are therefore afraid of going against their party and their leader especially if the leader is
the PM.
Party discipline also works in a similar way in prov politics.
Cabinet solidarity and cabinet secrecy are also const. Conventions.
Prime ministerial power:
Adv of CAN system:
You know who is resp. You can fix accountability.
It is centralized
Departmentalized back in the day.
Now its a system of branching committees leading to the cabinet.
The PM decides the size of cabinet and the cabinet ministers do not necessarily have particular
He appoints the cabinet ministers and the deputy ministers. The ministers are amateurs but the
deputy ministers are usually the experts (or at least know what they're doing)
Central agencies:
Only dept. Develops the budget, expenditure management, taxation, etc. Gained alot of
power in 1990s.
Headed by minister of finance
Determines size of gov, and how much its going to spend and such important stuff
Dept. Of finance
NB: power in canada is very centralized -PM and central agencies -cabinet less and parliament less
Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)
Lec 4: PMO and stuff
2:22 PM
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Lec4: PMOand stuff October-05-10 2:22PM 1. Formalorgof CANgov 2. GovernorGeneral 3. PrimeMinister 4. Cabinet 5. CentralAgencies Primeministerialpower: First6are intheBig C powersgiventotheGG butin practicethePMhas thepower. 1. Appoint,dismiss,shufflecabinet 2. Setelectiondate 3. Determineadministrativestructuresanddecisionmakingprocesses 4. Whenparliamentmeets,prorogues,dissolves 5. Determinescabinetsagenda 6. Patronagepower 7. Powerofthepress 8. Controlofthegovt.Party. ThePMcan nowget a moreaccurate readingofwhat thepplwantin theconstituencythan theindividualMPsduetothePMs massiveresources. Patronageisthegluethatkeepsthecaucus,governmentandpartytogether.ThePMcan throwoutmembers,stopthemforrunningfortheirparty,impedepromotionsor appointmentsorelectionstocounselsandcommittees. MPsare thereforeafraidofgoingagainsttheirpartyandtheirleaderespeciallyiftheleaderis t
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