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6 Dec 2010
Last week the senate killed a bill on greenhouse gas restrictions. This was the first time they did this in a
long time (since the abortion bill). Prof says its politics: The P}Γ€ξ€žξ‚Œvuξ€žvξ‚š[ position is that the targets are
impractical. Further, it was the conservatives who put down the bill. Canada has signed onto Kyoto, but
is unable to meet those targets.
Mormons in BC wanting to practice polygamy: It is against Canadian law, but can polygamy be protected
under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? dZξ€žξ€ƒ(ξ‚Œξ€‚uξ€žξ‚Œξ‚ξ€ƒ}(ξ€ƒξ‚šZξ€žξ€ƒξ€’Zξ€‚ξ‚Œξ‚šξ€žξ‚Œξ€ƒξ‚‰ξ‚Œ}oΓ‡ξ€ƒξ€š]ξ€šv[ξ‚šξ€ƒξ€‚vξ‚š]]ξ‚‰ξ€‚ξ‚šξ€žξ€ƒξ‚šZ]X
Further, where to draw the line?
>ξ€‚ξ‚ξ‚šξ€ƒξ‚š]uξ€žWdZξ€žξ€ƒξ€’Zξ€‚ξ‚Œξ‚šξ€žξ‚Œ[ξ‚ξ€ƒξ‚Œ}oξ€žξ€ƒ]v¡o]ξ€ξ€ƒξ‚‰ξ€‚ξ‚Œξ‚š]]ξ‚‰ξ€‚ξ‚š]}vXW}]ξ‚š]Γ€ξ€žξ€ƒΓ€ξ‚XEξ€žPξ€‚ξ‚š]Γ€ξ€žξ€ƒξ‚Œ]PZξ‚šξ‚X How does the Charter
contribute to change; to the political process; the constitution? We also talked about the
Americanization and centralization caused by the Charter.
We looked at specific cases: The woman who had her social security cut. Can cruise missiles be tested in
Canada? Who decides; the courts or the government? Should people be allowed to put up signs in
languages other than English? By stopping them are we denying freedom of expression? Ontario allows
]ξ‚šVYΒ΅ξ€žξ€ξ€žξ€ξ€ƒξ€š}ξ€žξ‚v[ξ‚šξ€ƒt it says that French culture needs to be protected (only French signs).
The Electoral System:
1. Building Blocks
2. Courts
3. Consequences of FPTP (first past the post) (SMPS t single member plurality system)
4. Alternatives to FPTP
First past the post means that ]ξ‚šξ€ƒξ€š}ξ€žξ‚v[ξ‚šξ€ƒuξ€‚ξ‚šξ‚šξ€žξ‚Œξ€ƒZ}ÁuvÇÀ}ξ‚šξ€žξ‚ξ€ƒΓ‡}¡Pξ€žξ‚šUo}vPÇ}¡Pξ€žξ‚šξ€ƒu}ξ‚Œξ€žξ€ƒξ‚šZv
everyone else. This means you can win an election by winning, for example, less than 1/3 of the votes
(because of the number of candidates).
5 building blocks:
1. Franchise
2. Drawing boundaries
3. Voter registration
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