POL326Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: George W. Bush, Marshall Plan, Watergate Scandal

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21 Jan 2015
-Democrats tends to be more protectionist-democrat dominance in the Senate
-Economic policy in U.S. had generally been the dominant policy category throughout the 19th
-aims of federal gov’t were to expand the American economy & opportunities for American
businesses abroad
-foreign policy was generally given less importance
-those who managed were generally mistrusted (state department)
-set of priorities shifted during Cold War-made national security high policy and economic policy
of lesser importance
-but both policies can be intertwined i.e. Marshall Plan and NC-68
-came in turn to end with the collapse of the Soviet Union & the Cold War consensus
-economic policy again took center stage (George Walker Bush & Bill Clinton)
-George Walker Bush viewed as being extremely successful president in terms of foreign policy
(by general public in U.S.)
-had engaged in the invasion of Panama and the repelling of Iraqi forces from Kuwait-in both of
those U.S. achieved its goals fairly quickly and to little expense of American taxpayers\
-Bush had extremely high approval ratings as a result
-people considered him as a shoe-in for re-election
-But Bill Clinton won as a leader of the Democratic Party
-viewed economic policy as a weak point of Bush administration (bread and butter issues
concern most voters)
-largely that campaign that won Bill Clinton the election
-he expanded the economic bureaucracy through the creation of the national economic council
-aimed to coordinate the activities of the various executive branches in terms of economics
-has provided the president with a set of advisors that focus solely on economic issues
-Economic policy has always been central to American foreign policy
-One of the first military ventures in U.S. was conflict with barbaric pirates
-in 1815 defeated them
-won of the earlier American military victories by the marines
-sticky power-American consumer market
open door policy-china open to trade with all western powers
Washington consensus-set of economic policies U.S. has supported throughout the world
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