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2 Apr 2012

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Pol340 march 07 2012
Tomorrow Lloyd smtg.
- Tragedy one option must be forfitted
o Human rights protection vs doing good.
o Tragedy can feed one but not the other one.
o When many massacres which one to pick
Time and ressources are limited
Can only choose one or 2 at the expense of many other virtuous options.
We cant do everything ends up same as dong nothing.
o Tragedy 2: population will only support certain missions
Political and strategic opportunity only for a certain time and for certain cases
o Tragedy 3: imperfect intervention
Try to do good and either do ill or do something imperfect.
- Humanitarian it imperative for action and strategic imperative of choice dilemma
- Logic of intervention universal but goo strategic thinking makes differentiate one situation to be
better than other.
- R2P admirable but not a strategy (contestable) not able to square ideal intentions with
strategy strength.
- Soveriengty requires protecting own citizens.
o If not protected, sovereignty forfeited and R2P falls on international community.
- Humanitarian intervention older than R2P but R2P is a way of conditioning it and framing it.
- Right of humanitarian intervention
o Criminal law is a blunt instrument most blunt
o At international affairs military instrument is the most blunt
o Military action on another state in order to protect people in such a state most
controvertial but with the end of the cold war becomes most live issue.
o If there is a right of intervention then when, how and under who’s authority should it be
- Ways to influence
o Incentives
o Punishments
o Diplomatic alliances
- Principle A: State sovereignty implies responsibility
- Principle B: -- principle of non intervention yields to the international responsibility to protect.
- Principle for military intervention
o Just cause threshold military intervention for human protection to be warranted
serious and irreparable harm being commited
Large scale loss of life result from state action and inability to act
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