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JPA331Y Feb 14th Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lynette Ong

Social Unrest in China and States ResponsesMost exciting lecturehow state deals with social unrest and how many typeson rise in chinaindicators of social unrestsocial unrest generally more mredia on it then before could just be reflection of commercially minded mediatheres more news paper today than long ago maybe tahts whythe paper competes in market economy and thus work harder to report news they didnt report beforeso therefore increased report could be due to that and not due to increased social unrest per sayavailable data do point that social urnest is rising and at an alarming ratelets first look at definition of social unrest2 indicators of social unrest mass incidentspublic order disturbancemass incident defined by how many people are involedpublic order disturbance diescribe the characteristics of the actionsactivities so the offical data on social unrest when it used to be reported ministry of public support reports number of mass incident rose from 8700 from 1993 and in 1999 the number rosed to 32000ministry of public security reported theseafter 1999 stopped issuing dataand in 2004 government issued another indicator which was 81600another set of data called public order disturbance beggining in 2004mass incidents is above 500 or above 1000 etcbut public order disturbance is about a characteristic of action like vandalizing car or if dozens of people go burn the building but if theres above 500 ppl doing it it might be considred mass incidenttheres some unofficial estimate by a researcher in tsinghua university the most recent estimate suggests that in 2010 the mass incident climbed to 180000
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