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SARS (Public Policy Issues)

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

POL101 March 28 , 2011 SARS (Public Policy Issues) How do complex societies deal with unexpected events, tragedies, etc? SARS • SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome • Rise of non-communicable diseases, receding of germs, immunization rd • Early 2003: in Guangzhou outbreak, 1/3 of infected patients were health care workers • In an era in which micro organisms are recognizable there was no clear way in which to make a diagnosis (no definitive bio-markers or tests) challenge in knowing whether or not someone had the disease • Cross-over from animals to humans (zoonosis) In Perspective… • November 2002 to July 2003 • 8098 people worldwide probably had SARS in 29 countries, & 774 died • Canada: 438 probable cases, 44 deaths (all in Torontonians) Learning from SARS: Renewal of Public Health in Canada Emergency/Outbreak response: • Isolating the public health and focusing on acute response was foolish because all health care is essential (engaging in community, helping to stop the spread of disease) • Global health system only as strong as its weakest link Learning from SARS: • A shrinking planet, global governance matters (diseases travel) • Medicine is still the “youngest science” (little we can do to effect the spread of disease) • Politics & uncertainty fear of the unknown • The impact of identifiable victims • Government ‘window of responsiveness’ • The division of powers in our Federation may not be logical for the 21 century • Political leadership matters • Government machinery matters • We did learn something: cf. H1N1 2009-10 (use of anti-virals, & quarantine responses led to radically lower flu outbreaks) Unprecedented Politics: Mitigating Risk in an Uncertain World (Wong) Politics in abnormal times in which we don’t know what is going on, when there’s uncertainty (for example we are seeing this in Japan right now) Unprecedented times that lead to unprecedented politics Low probability, high-stakes moments in politics unpredictable, when they hit we have little idea about how to deal with them Global Finance • Most important political economic events is the global financial crisis • Value at risk (VAR) model • Risk analysis: VAR of $100 million with 99% confidence
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