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Political Science
June Larkin

Quebec (Maulcaire) January 14, 2013 -Our generation has the largest economic, social and political crisis that has been placed in our backpack -65% of 18-25 didn’t vote -If we don’t participate in elections than all major decisions will be made by a gov’t that we didn’t help choose, decisions will be made for us -The choices we make influence society and us, the only way to make them real is making it happen (Tommy Douglas) -Value-base decisions, most institutions are a reflection of us -Parliaments adopt laws, not gov’ts -We have to make sure we don’t dilute Quebec’s presence in seats -language, history, weather, geography- all essential to consider and influence decisions -Wheat board- gives farmers a break with struggling farmers during poor seasons -In quebec has a long system of social programs- one would think NDP would be a natural fit with Quebec -They started dividing on a constitutional model, the split lead to an absence of support -You have to accommodate left and right, constitutional options (not social and economic options) -Quebe
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