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POL101 NOTES FROM MARCH 11, 2013 LECTURE: THE END OF THE NATION STATE Nationalism: industrial society: only makes sense in the industrial era but are we in that era still? Cycle that will pas Alliances are shifting to something above the state EU: make sure that Europe doesn’t fight again. Not through Federalism (shared sovereignty) but through everyday things (Steel and Coal Company): regulate and unite war making (Germans need to be in polite company and the French need the econ) Contradictions: couldn’t only do it because needs output thus made a union with the East Econ Company and Euratom treaty (57) The members numbers have increased and has its own institutions (EU): Euro commission (Euro bureaucracy), council (represented not elected but most powerful), Parliament (elected), ad Euro court of Justice (all nations acts have to agree with the treaties they have signed as countries are like courts and treaties like constitutions) What is the EU: this sets: inter-governments logics (treaty delegates power to EU and all acts must agree) (EU laws expand borders, econs, thus agents in Brussels appointed) and spillover logic (couldn’t do that
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