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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

POL373 emotions on political theory thSEPTEMBER 11 Politics of optimism stBook the problem with passion 1 reasonliberalism is largely responsible for marginalizing emotions in political theorynegative consequence of extreme ndemotions 2 reason new vision of a person and a progress pf the modern sciencethough the lenses of science there was a movement which began to think as sort of relative to the individualbut what is important is rational rdargumentation 3 reason for the dissconnet of emotions in politics is the rise of the discourse of self interest that was meant to contain emotionsredescribe human motivation in terms of selfinterest rather than emotionsmade actions more amendable to ration calculationsdefine what rational behavior is and therefore certain ations are allowed and some not Also bringing up the motion that the test of morality was universal this takes away from description of moral action anything viewed to the help of selfmotivationWhy we should rethink this 6 effects of the marginalization of emotions 1 marginalization of emotion has had an important effect on the design of our institutions and what we think of the institutionseg The ay legis and judic instit are constructed to filter out emotionswe appoint our judge not elect Also in the US you have to be over 40 for running for presedent the idea that youre rational the voting ageemotional capacity and rational capacity 2
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