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POL103 Lecture 1

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL103LEC 01 September 15, 2009 Tradition and Modernity (Get from Natasha) Canada got OHIP in early 1960s The Executive has more power in Canada than the US American President is a very weak figure; cannot override Congress It is true that when a government has the majority in Canada, the PM can pass whatever he wants; no bill ever fails to pass if it does, the government falls. The design is for efficiency. You can either: change ideology which is insane though, you can rail against special interests which is done by ththPresident, or you can change the institutional order. This design was set forth in the 18 century colonies to ensure that there wasnt a new tyranny. There are multiple veto points in the US system. There are so many points at which legislation can be vetoed. This encourages all kinds of behavior. Parliamentary committee cannot kill a piece of legislation, a congressional committee can but they never get put up to vote. They only conduct investigations. A piece of legisla
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