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POL101 Lecture #11

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Political Science

One essay question pick and chose 1 out 2 Broad Connecting theory and history 12051120 mcNot factual conceptualPOL101 Lecture 11 KopsteinCivilian Violence and War From ancient Greece to the holocaustViolence and warWar is normally thought of as state on state Violate behaviour between two countriesViolence generally monopolized by state Weber state monopoly of legitimate use of violence within a given territory Civil war is something different Occurs with there is a collapse of state collapse of sovereignty Either no or multiple competition of sovereignties What is the difference between civil war and revolution sequenceOne mans civil war is another mans revolutionVery difficult to make sense of neighbour on neighbour violenceAncient Greece Not violence between communities but violence within communitiesth 5 century BC Peloponnesian war Many ways a world war of Greece PeloponneseAncient Greece Peloponnesian War 431403 BCEBackstory 480BCE beating back Persians Athenians lead to way almost single handed Delian league 479 to 432 BCE Rise of Athens versus Sparta Athens becomes very powerful Contrasts land versus maritime oligarchy versus democracy military versus commercial orientation Slavery and freedoms Boys strict military training emperors on landAthenians citizenship was extended to the large part of minorities ruled famously as democracy Democracy as all citizens had the right to discuss policiesdecision making bodyRulers were won by lottery generals were elected famous leader Pericles Maritime emperor ships and shipping citizen army much broader base of social power trading power with UK leader that understood modernization Democracy and leadership Pericles Reason for war rise in power of Athens and alarm it caused in Sparta and its allies ripped apart all of GreeceThucydidesSpartans afraid the Athenians might become too powerful seeing the greater part of Greece was already in their handsI think the truest cause but the least spoken of was the growth of Athenian power which presented an object of fear to the Spartans and forced them to go to warThe power of the Athenians began to manifest itself and to lay hold on the Spartans their allies Then the situation became unendurable and the Spartans decided they must tyre with all their resolution to destroy that power if they could launch the warMotives fear honour interest Sparta in effect led by lesser allies to chose a polict it would not have chosen on its own How can a states rise
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