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Rwanda in Retrospect

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Political Science January 10 , 2011. Rwanda in Retrospect A Hard Look at Intervention The U.S. searching for a comprehensive policy to address deadly communal conflicts 2 basic principles have achieved some consensus: 1 , U.S ground troops generally should not be used in humanitarian interventions during ongoing civil wars nd 2 , an exception should be made for cases of genocide, esp where intervention can succeed at low cost Claim that 5,000 U.S. troops deployed at the outset of the killing in April 1994 in Rwanda could have prevented the genocide Some lives could have been saved by intervention of any size at any point during the genocide, truth is that even a large force deployed immediately upon reports of attempted genocide would not have been able to save even half Prelude to Genocide Rwandan politics traditionally dominated by Tutsi (once made up by 17% of pop) Rest pop was Hutu, less than 1% aboriginal Twa During transition to independence in 1959, Hutu seized control in violent struggle, with exodus of Tutsi pop to neighbouring states Hutu divided into 2 regional groups: majority lived in central and southern part of country and supported PARMEHUT
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