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Dependency and Development

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

th Political Science February 7 , 2011 Dependency and Development Reading: Lenin, Imperalism as a Special Stage of Capitalism, pp.101-106 Evans, Predatory, Developmental and Other Apparatuses, pp.561-587 What is development? Human development taken by international organizations, e.g. UN, looking at individual human beings and their lived experience, e.g. health outcomes, education, literacy, infant mortality Equitable development interested in terms of distributive or redistributive consequences of development, looking at how incomewealthprosperity is distributed through political and economic system through highest and lowest living conditions Capacity having the skills, education, experience and technology in order for social systems and the economy to continually develop, having economic capacity to sustain that development Sustainable development sustaining for the long term, e.g. environmental concerns and ensuring we are developing systems and not destroying the earth Political development democratic reform is political development Todays lecture will Focus on aggregate economic growth how economies grow and why they grow and how economies in the aggregate improve over time so that as individuals in the aggregate lived or future experiences improve over time Theories represent different ways in which we understand the world David Recardo The cosmo political view of the world is one in which the invisible hand of the market ought to prevail The key to the global economy is specialization Through specialization effect is division of labour, do what you are best at doing Global division of labour each country, each firm specializes Human effort is important capitalism is not good for lazy people, rewards those who adhere to protestant effort, those who are rational, those who are paranoid about their life, they will excel in capitalism This will lead to global porosity and through global prosperity will be global peace The Mercantilist View What matters in global political economy are countries The Leninist View Inspired by Marx
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