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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

ththLecture 18February 28Seeing InequalitySeeing InequalityBearing witnesswe can read about it we can see it in movies but bearing witness is crucial and it can be very enlightening o There are very poor people in the poor country Counting inequalityseeing data and factsin the aggregate how we count makes a big difference how we see inequality but when we disaggregate the datawe see a different storyfor example for even here in Canadathe percentage of people living in the poverty line decreased by 50 percentBut then again the remaining 10 percent of the people accounts for 3 million Canadians1 a day versus 2 a day its important to see economic development through the lenses of inequality Multiculturalthe wage gap between immigrant and non immigrant familiesthe number of how many children go to university immigrant versus non immigrantChinadollar a day this is the international min wage rateneeded to survivebrought millions out of povertybut still if you take into account the people who are living under 2 dollars or lessits 45 percent of its populationhow you interpret the datagives a different perspective4 Cases Global inequality Rich countries are getting richer and poor countries are getting poorer The workwelfare stateThe success of welfare state and how its becoming increasingly challenged due to globalization Gendering social protectionLocal Solutions
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