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March 21 The End of Nation State

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Political Science
Joseph Wong

The End of Nation State March 21 2011 LectureBeyond Nationalism The TheoryNationalism is a product of industrial societydidnt exist before modernityPrevious to modernity the idea of state was not needed and completely unnecessaryRise of industrial modernitymakes nationalism a necessity What will happen if industrial modernity passes o Prediction The age of nationalism will passDoes therefore the passing of industrial society into postindustrial society mean that we are moving to a postnational eraWhat would this meanPrimary allegiances would shift from nationstate to something above thatHow would that actually transpireCase Study European UnionSignificant movement giving away national sovereignty to an entity above that Historical circumstances run up to WWII o World powers were looking for global domination o WWIIHow to ensure that Germany and France never fight againEuropean Coal and Steel commission 1951 Treaty France Germany Italy Belgium Netherlands Luxemburgpooled for sovereignty State Interests German economic power and French political influence o Rest of Europe needed Germany to help buil
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