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Political Science
Joseph Wong

UPRECIDENTED POLITICS thPOL101Y March 26Early 2003 in the Guangzhou outbreak one third of infected patients were health care workers including DrLJK went to Hong Kong and on the flight infected someone who went to Toronto who infected all of Toronto and so onDiagnosisHistory of exposureand fever above 38 degrees celciusCoughdyspneaMalaisemyalgiasDiarrheaAnd othersbut no definitive markers and no consensusTreatment isolation ventilator support antiviralscorticosteroids Sars is caused by a coronavirus a virus that similarly cause a common cold type of syndromeSars is a zoonosis a disease that travels from animals to humans very hard to get insight on the disease if it never existed in human historyNovember 2002 to july 20038098 people worldwide probably had sars in 29 countries and 774 diedCanada 438 probable cases 44 deaths all in TorontoFlu kills 7502500 canadians a year triple that number of sarsLearning from sars renewal of public health in CanadaNational advisory committe
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