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Lecture 9

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Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

POL 200 Lecture 9 Confucius I) The “Family” a. The “root” of virtue • Suggests that if social relationship are right, in Confucius, that is a sufficient condition for virtue. The maintaining of a number of social positions in a ‘right’ way, this is virtuous. • Book I section II – The root of virtue (family as the root) 1) The first that grows, the growing of character 2) Nutritious the growth of virtue. Natural feelings of attachment are born 3) 4) A round of symbolic affirmation for broader social ends. What one is playing out within the family is not just ones attachment to particular members, but ones attachment to the institution of the family 5) The family in Confucian sense refers to those even many generations before us. • Family runs on moral authority of shame and self-respect • love that children should have towards their parents, and love within the family • The root is most important part of family Schools of thought • Legalism: strong arm of the law • Taoism (taoest) approach b. A model for behaviour in society at large c. The requirements of a practice of virtue in the family • Requirements of virtue in context of family:  Material support (Book 2 section 8 proves it is not enough) d. Roles within the family • Patriarchal text • Emotion and role of empathy has central role - Book 6 section 30 • Emotion does play role in Plato and Aristotle, but its to maintain reason. There is no strong need for the just or strong individual to empathise with others. In contrast, Co
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