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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Politics of Development: Week 4 J October 4 , 2010h Colonialism Factory Employment, Production of Surplus, Economic Specialization leads to Urbanization, Literacy, Media Participation leads to Union Organization, Demands for Universal Suffrage, Political Organization - Example of Industrial revolution is hardly cannot be generalized to other settings - Most countries do not follow process of modernization to democracy - 64 former colonies of 195 countries in the world o Many of these colonies are among the poorest in the world Colonial Nigeria: - 1900 Nigeria is colonized - In so called scramble of Africa, Imperialists drew boundaries that separated same groups and put together different rival groups - Important to be attentive to starting conditions when comparing developing nations Pre-colonial starting point: political system, slave trade, technological capacity Political System: - In South, Yoruba Kingdoms o Each one had very little political power o Kings shared powers with chiefs in diffuse authority patterns o Never amalgamated into strong centralized authorities Implications: o Little extractive capacity (resources or labour) o No way of coercing populations no way of raising army Fairly easy to penetrate and conquer N British did not meet much resistance when expanded from coast - In North, Sokoto Caliphate o Large, stable, centralized o Large tracts of land o Political units shared religion, Islam o Greater extractive capacity, some productive capacity, offered some resistance to colonial rule Slave Trade:
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